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I want a drawing of my pet, how much does it cost?

It really depends on what sort of size you’d like and style/art medium you would like it in. It also depends on your budget. Have a look at my Price List page to find out more or alternatively drop me a email so we can discuss ideas. There is a huge variety of examples on my gallery page too. 


What materials do you use?

I work in graphite pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour paint and acrylic paint.

Which materials are best?

They all have different benefits and each medium has a different finish. Pencil is very timeless especially in black and white graphite. Watercolour is very flowing and soft. Acrylic is great for bold or more dramatic pieces. 


Does your artwork come framed?

Only if you want it to be. All pencil and watercolour artwork can easily be framed with the cost added to the final price if you’d like it to. Acrylic art doesn’t have to be framed as it comes on a canvas. However even canvases can be framed!


Do you take wildlife commissions?

Yes I do. I take all wildlife and animal commissions - there’s so many animals out there I’d love to recreate as many of them as I can!


Do you work from a photo?

Yes I do. Please look at my Customer Tips page under Pricing for more information.


Do you take other commissions?

I specialise in animals and wildlife, so unfortunately I don’t do family or people portraits. 

Do you only take commissions?

I have a shop on Etsy where you can purchase greetings, cards, prints and my own artwork. Please click on my Shop page to have a look. I also occasionally exhibit where I will only show my own art creations, paintings and drawings. These are often up for sale, are completely original and range from small pieces to large. 

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