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My name is Katherine Giannini. I'm a wildlife enthusiast, creative arts lover and enthusiastic hopeful of creating a better, more loving planet.

I'm also on a personal mission to keep being as creative as long as I possibly can ... so far, that's lasted my whole life.

My love for 'the arts' started as early as I can remember. To dance and draw was all I ever wanted and sometimes the cliches are true. Formally an International competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer and British National Ballroom Champion the creative arts have been a huge part of my life and the things I love most have always progressed together ... 


... My love for dance will always be part of my soul and there came a time for me to stop, but my expression into painting started to develop further and I ran with it.

Wildlife gets me every time and without fail and I feel that my art is the perfect way to express this. It's beautiful and mesmerising and certainly something taken for granted. It resonates with me and I hope the artwork I creates does the same for viewers.

My passion for freedom of movement and attention to fine detail influence my artwork and now I enjoy capturing the beauty and elegance in wildlife paintings and drawings. 

I'm available for freelance, custom artwork and commissions.

I also have a shop on Etsy, where you can purchase more than just artwork! There you'll also find prints, greetings cards, recyclable wrapping paper and tea towels. The choices are endless!


Y O U   C A N   C A L L   M E   K A T   . . .

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